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Hi Fightiers, how has your training been going recently? I hope you have been following your training plan day by day and that you will hit your goal soon!
This time I want to share a big release 1.9.0 with you all!

What we changed in 1.9.0

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Personal Insights

This is our first attempt to delve into personal insights. To avoid going too deep, we have decided to list some commonly needed information for Fightiers!
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Track your body transformation

We have added a new tool that allows you to select selfies to help track your body transformation progress.
By gaining a better understanding of your body, you can adjust your fitness plan accordingly and achieve your goals faster!
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kg / lbs Converter

Not every plate is measured with the same unit of measurement, and sometimes you may need a helper to automatically convert units without leaving Fightie!
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  1. Minor bugfixes and UI enhancements
  1. Update Website to reflect the latest changes
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Okay, so that’s all from our 1.9.0 release! If you have any questions or requests related to Fightie, feel free to message us through our contact page! See yaaaa ~ 😍