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Hi everyone! It’s 2023 now and I hope you are still focusing on your training program 🙂 If you don’t have one, it’s totally fine because it’s good timing to make a new goal for the whole new year! Just don’t give up!
Today, we are going to share our latest release with you:

What we changed in 1.8.0

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Added 11 new exercises

We added several new exercises for Core, Arms, and Shoulders in this new version!
We keep collecting feedback from users to add often-used exercises into Fightie, so if you think there is anything missing, please feel free to drop us a message about it 💌
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Fightie Pro+ highlight

Some users told us that it’s quite hard to know whether they are Fightie Pro+ users or not, in this way, we decided to add a vivid banner in the Pro+ tab. If you are a paid user, from this version, you should be able to tell it with a glimpse!
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  1. Fixed a bug that you may see duplicated histories when scrolling
  1. Dark Mode enhancement for the Profile page
  1. Minor bugfixes and UI enhancements
Join Fightie and be a better person 🏋️
Okay, so that’s all from our 1.8.0 release! If you have any questions or requests related to Fightie, feel free to message us through our contact page! See yaaaa ~ 😍